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“tiny by design art”  is the place to go when you want art for kids!

 We offer everything from original art, art prints and murals to free tips on using art for kids as a tool to connect with your child’s imagination.

Do you ever feel like life is just a whirlwind of activity?

 Do you crave easy moments of connection every day?

Surrounding your children with art can help you create meaningful moments everyday!

All of tiny by design art is designed to connect parents to their children using imaginations!

art for kids

Love in the Rainforest , (c) tiny by design 2014, 24×36 acrylic on gessobord – a great piece of art for kids rooms!


What happens when art for kids captures the imagination?

Our mission is to create art for kids and other resources that help us escape the hustle and bustle of the day for moments of connection with our children.   Using art as a tool to connect with the imagination will get children talking, dreaming and telling us all their most awe inspiring fantasies.  Growing up surrounded by imaginative art will foster a sense of creativity and belief that anything is possible!

Look around for some imaginative art, stories from behind the scenes and ideas on connecting with children.

art for kids

animal alphabet available in fine art prints – perfect art for kids rooms!


 If you like art for kids, be sure to check out our Blog!  You will find stories on the creation of the tiny by design collection, idea for making art for kids and much more!  If you would like updates emailed to you, be sure to sign up for our newsletter for weekly art and inspiration for busy parents!



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