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Smile Guaranteed.

 Do your kids love art?

Do your kids love to laugh?

Do you love to see your kids smile?

If you do, you have come to the right place for fun art for kids!

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Welcome to tiny by design art…the place to get fun for art for kids.

“Artist Tracie Davis creates smiles with her art made specially for kids.  Her creative use of color and humor will guarantee a happy response.”   —anonymous

Is there anything greater than hearing kids laugh?

With two kids of my own, I recognize the importance of creating a bright world full of laughter and smiles for children.    I design my art to bring out the best in kids’ personalities.  Determined to get a smile and hoping for some serious giggles, I love using color and quirky characters.   Click around, the art you see here will delight your children and keep them smiling!

Here’s to creating great laughs!

Tracie Davis