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Sunrise Safari

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Safari Playdate

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Midnight Safari

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Animal Alphabet

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Quirky Birds

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Fairy Tale Alphabet

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67 Snowballs

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Foxy Autumn



Welcome to tiny by design art…the place to get fun for art for kids.

“Artist Tracie Davis creates smiles with her art made specially for kids.  Her creative use of color and humor will guarantee a happy response.”   —Heather

I love listening to a child telling a story.  Their imaginations never cease to amaze me.  This is why children inspire me to create art that tells a story.

What story?  That is completely up to the viewer!  My goal is to spark imagination and then listen to what happens from there.

With two kids of my own, I recognize the importance of creating a bright world full of laughter and imagination for children.   Click around the site with your kiddos and see what stories they come up with!

Thank you for visiting and taking a peek at my art!

Tracie Davis